Excerpts from a chat on colon cancer

Dan (Arlington Heights) – 12:26 PM:
Thank you for your response. Could you elaborate on what is involved with the preparation?

Dr. Manoj Mehta
Unfortunately, any bowel exam will require a prep. Even newer modalities on the horizon such as a virtual colonoscopy will still require a prep. The quality of your prep is proportional to the likelihood of finding polyps, and therefore equals the benefit you gain! Specifically, patients are generally on a clear liquid diet the day before the test. Laxatives are consumed in the afternoon or evening. Sometime we give half in the evening and half early the day of the test. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight, except for any prep left or any medications with a little water. There are a number of preps available, but all of them have a significant volume and taste, well, not good. There are no pills available for this*. Fleet’s Phosphasoda was used routinely in the past, but is not being used now due to concerns about kidney damage.

*There may be a safe pill prep available commercially by the end of the year!

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