Antibiotics and IBD

Link Between Antibiotics and IBD Remains Circumstantial Effect stronger in children, and underscores need for antibiotic stewardship in prescribing for pediatric infections Since inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is linked to disruption of the intestinal microbiome, antibiotics have come under increasing scrutiny as possible environmental catalysts in IBD – especially if taken in early childhood. So

Costs higher when IBD patients fail to take medication

There is sometimes heated discussion about adherence to medical regimens being of value, both to an individual patient and to broader patient categories. Inflammatory bowel disease is certainly one of these contentious areas. Patients often seem to go from doctor to doctor, seeking out one who agrees with the decisions they have already made. Even

Western diet and bacteria linked to liver inflammation

Researchers at the University of California, Davis found that chronic liver inflammation is associated with a Western diet via the type of bacteria present in the gut. “We know the transition from steatosis, or fatty liver, to steatohepatitis (inflammation in the fatty liver) plays a crucial role in liver injury and carcinogenesis,” Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, professor

Better insurance may mean more than better access

It’s no surprise that better insurance coverage means more accessibility to tests. This includes higher rates of colon cancer screening, and of course better outcomes for those patients who do get screened. What’s surprising though, is that the extent of coverage can also mean that a patient is more likely to have tests not necessarily

Computer-Simulated Tests Eyed at FDA

Computer simulations may get a role alongside human testing as part of an effort to bring new medications and medical devices to market more quickly and cheaply. The approval process for medical devices and drugs could incorporate computer modeling and virtual testing in an effort to modernize and streamline the regulatory pathway and make drugs

CDC: C. Diff Infections Falling

C. difficile infection rates climbed annually from 2000 to 2010, and in 2011 caused almost 500,000 illnesses and killed about 29,000 people in the US according to the CDC. However, preliminary analysis of data from the CDC’s Emerging Infections Program showed that the rate of new Clostridium difficile infections in hospitals and nursing homes nationwide

Diet and exercise boost cancer survival rates

A healthy diet and exercise could reduce colon cancer patients’ chance of death and simply walking could improve survival rates for breast cancer survivors, studies presented at the world’s largest cancer conference have found. A study of nearly 1,000 colon cancer patients found that those who exercised regularly, ate more fruits and vegetables and avoided