Lost, unsecured, non-encrypted cell phone costs facility $650k in HIPAA fines

The Catholic Health Care Services (CHCS) of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, a nonprofit organization, was forced to pay a $650,000 fine. The action resulted after an employee lost a business cell phone containing sensitive information from the network’s nursing home practices. The data included medical and personal information, including in some instances social security numbers. A

How the FDA went after Kim Kardashian–and why.

So. Kim Kardashian. I hate to even post her name because all it does is strengthen her multi-million dollar empire of nothingness. And part of that nothingness is the posting of countless product placement bits on social media like Instagram. You may think it’s a harmless conduit between brainless posters and brainless viewers, but what

The holy grail for GI may finally be around the corner!

A new startup called ColonaryConcepts (yes, you read that correctly) seeks to “purge” the unpleasantness from colonoscopy prep. Dr. Corey Siegel and Dr. Joshua Korzenik (director of Brigham and Women’s Hospital Crohn’s and Colitis Center) have embarked on developing a new bar and beverage line to help people prep for colonoscopies. The goal, he says, is

The Ethical Debate Behind a Live Medical Demonstration

A Japanese surgical expert is invited to perform a laparoscopic liver resection on a very ill patient at India’s prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). About 100 surgeons observe. During the operation, the patient starts to bleed. Reports say members of the audience encouraged the surgeons to switch to an open operation after