Big government protects from Pharma, but not Alcohol

MedPage Today reports two interesting pieces of reporting simultaneously this week. First, Public Citizen published a report showing from 1991 through 2017, a total of 412 legal settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The fines, settlements, and fees comprised a whopping total of $38.6 billion. For 2016 and 2017, 38 settlements

Fat intake may fuel cancer’s ability to spread

We now have more evidence that fat fuels cancer’s spread Scientists have stopped metastasis in mice. Metastasis is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the world, but until now, scientists have struggled to understand exactly how and why cancer cells go through the energy-intensive process of splitting off, travelling through the bloodstream, and taking

Today’s work schedule causes unhealthy burnout

The United States of Burnout Current work practices are unproductive, unhealthy, and unsustainable. This is damaging for both employees and employers. A 2016 report produced by the consulting group Deloitte found that one of the most pressing concerns for employers is the “overwhelmed employee.” Deloitte’s research shows that workers check their cellphones nearly 50 times per

Study: $15.4B spent by doctors annually on reporting quality measures

With MACRA, the government has allocated $500M to $1B in bonuses to be paid for the upper tier of quality performers. But let’s put that in perspective. A study by the Medical Group Management Association and Weill Cornell Medical College found that costs for reporting quality measures amount to more than $15.4 billion per year

Gallstones Linked to Higher Heart Disease Risk

Researchers say gallstone and heart disease association highlights a connection between the gut and the cardiovascular system. People who’ve ever suffered gallstones may have a slightly increased risk of developing heart disease down the road, a large new study suggests. This is especially true in women. Researchers suggested that changes in the gut’s microbiome may

Dr. Manoj Mehta is moving!

Dr. Manoj Mehta is proud to announce his move to a new, modern facility in downtown Wilmette! After 15 years practicing in nearby Kenilworth, we’re moving to a 2400 square foot facility with a spacious waiting room, comfortable surroundings, and an in-office endoscopy suite with full-time anesthesia. As always, you can expect the same level