Evidence for risks of PPI is weak

Experts say even though studies have linked proton pump inhibitor use to multiple health problems, the scientific evidence overall is weak, which should help providers reassure concerned patients and avoid unnecessary discontinuation of PPI use. The attention on PPI safety, however, does offer an opportunity for practitioners to discuss limiting use of the drugs because many patients take them unnecessarily.

“Many of the recent studies on the risks of PPI use are interesting and provocative, but I don’t know that the quality of the evidence is compelling enough to change practice, particularly in light of the fact that so much of the data in favor of using PPIs — in the appropriate condition — is based on high quality evidence from randomized controlled trials,” David A. Leiman, MD, MSHP, of the Division of Gastroenterology at Duke University School of Medicine, stated.

See the review article on Healio (free registration)

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