Native Americans Highest HCV Rates

Within the U.S., Native American populations have the highest incidence of acute hepatitis C (HCV) infection of any racial or ethnic group. They also have a significantly greater risk for HCV-related mortality than the general population and are an important group to target in efforts to eliminate the disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Native Americans have more than twofold the rate of acute HCV incidence and HCV-associated mortality. Data also show this population has a prevalence of chronic liver disease (CLD) far higher than that of non-indigenous populations, with HCV being the second leading cause. Added to this, is a glaring disparity in access to healthcare to treat this very issue.

See the review article by Pippa Wysong on MedPage Today here. 

See a well written and critical overview of the access issues in the NEJM here. 

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