Boutique Hangover Clinics Are All The Rage–But Are They Worth It?

The Hangover Clinic, a mobile center in Australia, joins a growing number of facilities that heal the ailments of over drinking with IV therapies. But these treatments aren’t worth the triple digit price tag.

“Doctors, nurses, and paramedics have been using IVs to recover from hangovers for decades because it works,” said Max Petro, a cofounder of The Hangover Clinic.

The Australian clinic isn’t the only service to offer intravenous medicine. The IV Doctor, based in the United States, delivers a medical professional and their IV therapy to customers. However, their remedies are more expensive.

Hangover Heaven, based in Las Vegas, also sells IV relief, ranging in price from $129 to $209. The service offers non-needle therapies like a 30-minute session on an oxygen machine, oral hydration, oral medications and a supplement. That can cost between $45 and $65.

“We’re a premium service, and cater to a clientele who don’t want to spend all day feeling sick,” Petro said in an email. “Coupled with the fact our treatments work much more effectively than at-home remedies, people are opting for this service because it allows them to maximize their leisure time.”

Dr. George F. Koob, the director of Autralia’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, said while these intravenous hydrating fluids might alleviate some symptoms, they aren’t something he would recommend. Koob said that the best way to avoid a hangover and liver or brain damage is to not drink to excess. But if you have one too many, Dr. Koob said drinking water the night before, the next day and taking a nap is the best remedy.

Source: Boutique Hangover Clinics Are All The Rage, But Doctors Say The Best Remedies Are Free – Forbes

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