New Microbiome Center to merge expertise of UChicago, MBL and Argonne

New Microbiome Center to merge expertise of University of Chicago, Marine Biological Lab and Argonne National Laboratory.

The University of Chicago, MBL and Argonne already have conducted some of the most influential research aimed at understanding and characterizing microorganisms.Argonne Director Peter B. Littlewood

The University of Chicago, the Marine Biological Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory announced on May 13 a new partnership called The Microbiome Center, which will combine the three institutions’ efforts to understand the identity and function of microbes across environments.

These microbial communities—bacteria, viruses and fungi—affect every ecosystem on earth, including human bodies, oceans, homes and the surrounding land.

See the press release from the University of Chicago here


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