Coffee consumption linked to lower risk of colorectal cancer but higher risk of GERD

Source: Coffee consumption linked to lower risk of colorectal cancer | CTV News

A new U.S. study has found more evidence for the health-giving properties of coffee, finding that more than 2.5 cups of coffee a day can significantly decrease your risk of colorectal cancer. But we all know coffee increases symptomatic reflux.

It seems like every day we have conflicting choices in life, and here is another example. There are many, many more patients suffering from reflux than from colon cancer. Of course, the consequences surrounding colon cancer are potentially much more dire. So you can have your coffee, and suffer daily. Or, stay away from coffee and worry about the risks of colon cancer in the long run. And if you have Barrett’s esophagus AND a history of polyps (or family history of colon cancer), you’ve just upped the ante on this discussion considerably.

Is there a right answer? Unfortunately, no. Like many choices in medical practice, there are risks and benefits and sometimes the line in between is blurred.

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