Survey shows physicians inaccurately overestimate both risks and benefits

Most internal medicine residents and attending physicians overestimate the benefits and harms of common interventions, according to a new survey. Physicians and residents overestimated a treatment’s benefits 79% of the time and the harms 66% of the time, according to a survey of clinicians working in primary care, hospital medicine and specialty care at two

Gallstones Linked to Higher Heart Disease Risk

Researchers say gallstone and heart disease association highlights a connection between the gut and the cardiovascular system. People who’ve ever suffered gallstones may have a slightly increased risk of developing heart disease down the road, a large new study suggests. This is especially true in women. Researchers suggested that changes in the gut’s microbiome may

The Ethical Debate Behind a Live Medical Demonstration

A Japanese surgical expert is invited to perform a laparoscopic liver resection on a very ill patient at India’s prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). About 100 surgeons observe. During the operation, the patient starts to bleed. Reports say members of the audience encouraged the surgeons to switch to an open operation after