U.S. has highest rate of drug overdoses

The United States had more than double the rate of premature overdose deaths of at least 12 comparable countries in a recent study.  The study compared the trends and patterns in premature mortality rates among people age 20 – 64 years due to drug overdose. The data was compiled from the 13 members of the Organisation

FDA approves opioid more powerful than fentanyl

Each time a more powerful drug is developed, there are assurances, studies, and promises. Each sleep aid, narcotic, anxiolytic, and muscle relaxant has been released with “strict monitoring” and “no known adverse effects or dependency”. And each time the public is burned in the long run. This poo-pooing of risk, although it may sound far-fetched,

FDA warns of opioid in loperamide

The FDA sent letters to manufacturers of loperamide, a longstanding and commonly used treatment for diarrhea, asking them to change the size of the drug’s packaging to limit the amount of opioid drugs in the package. The agency aims to discontinue the large bottles in which loperamide is often sold to deter its abuse. See

Opioid Overuse in Functional Abdominal Pain

A nationwide study of Veterans Health Administration patients found a high percentage with functional abdominal pain received a prescription for an opioid medication during a 1-year period. The risks of opioid overuse has reached epidemic proportions and has received national attention. Compared with patients who had a structural GI disorder such as inflammatory bowel disease

Opioid use worsens C. dif

A study presented at the World Congress of Gastroenterology found patients with Clostridium difficile who received opioids during their hospital stay had higher rates of complicated infection and in-hospital mortality and longer length of average hospital stay, compared with patients in the control group. The findings were based on medical records of 302 patients hospitalized