TV watching increases risk of colorectal cancer

A recent study showed that men who watched more than four hours of TV daily had a 35% higher risk of colorectal cancer, compared with those who watched for no more than one hour per day. The study did not find a similar association among women but noted that men with higher levels of physical activity had

A perfect playlist for colonoscopy prep?

Here’s a hilarious list of music that might be appropriate–or inappropriate!–for your “private time” while prepping for a colonoscopy: Retired cantor Janice Woltag Cohen just turned 50. We Boomers all know what that means. It’s Colonoscopy Time! A colonoscopy! That fabulous 50th birthday present you give to yourself. Yes, it’s yucky. But it’s absolutely necessary.

Colon cancer increases among younger white patients

Colon cancer incidence rate among younger white patients has increased, but has remained stable among blacks. Colorectal cancer deaths among white patients under age 55 have also increased, but they have decreased among blacks in the same age group.  These findings were published in a research letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association