Non-invasive blood test might detect early colon cancer

In a recorded audio presentation in lieu of the usual annual DDW meeting, Shai Friedland, MD, professor of medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center, presented information on a blood test that may detect colon cancer. He said techniques to detect circulating cells in the blood have become more sensitive, which creates the potential to

Colon cancer increase in younger adults raises screening issues

As we recently reported here, according to a research letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association, more adults ages 20 to 54 are dying from colorectal cancer than ever before. This raises issues regarding the benefits of earlier screening and better detection methods for younger patients. Although no new guidelines have yet emerged, and

Barbershop program boosts colon cancer screening in black men

Black men who were paired with a community-based patient navigator were more likely to follow through on colonoscopies or other testing for colorectal cancer than those in a control group. Community health workers identified the men as eligible for colorectal cancer testing in visits to barbershops throughout New York City. “Although previous studies have shown