Linda has been involved in the world of medical billing for the last 4 years. “Working in Dr. Mehta’s office has been a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how coworker dynamics and our relationship with the patients collaborate to provide an outstanding level of care to our patients. I love working in the doctor’s office, helping patients with any insurance or billing needs. I feel that billing a claim correctly not only increases the doctor’s chances of reimbursement, but can also lessen the financial burden on a patient.”

Linda received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry in 2016. Her goal is to obtain her Master’s Degree in
Microbiology.  Outside of work, Linda enjoys spending quality time with her German Shepherd, Roscoe, who is a giant cuddly polar bear, as well as with her family.

Please contact Linda for any of your billing related needs. “Insurance is a forever changing beast, but working with patients to understand their benefits, and how medical coding works, reinforces our patient-provider relationship and hopefully can assist in making a patient’s time in our office a more enjoyable experience.”

Contact Linda at:

(847) 256 – 1855 ext. 3