Is this the right place for my GI procedure? Ask Oprah!

Oprah Winfrey advises of the 6 most important questions to ask if you are having a procedure at an out of hospital facility. See the article at here. Wherever you have your procedure, ask these questions. For us at the Endoscopy Center of the North Shore, the answers are below: “Is this the best

We will perform on-site COVID testing before every procedure

When we resume endoscopy services, we will screen all patients for COVID-19 at a separate, on-site visit right here in our office. The test will be administered by nursing personnel from Mobile Anesthesia of Chicago and billed directly through LabCorp. You do not need to go to the hospital (and potentially be exposed to high

Sugary drinks tied to early colon cancer

According to study results of 95,464 women published in Gut, there were 109 incident early-onset cancer cases over up to 24-years of follow-up. Compared with women who consumed less than one serving per week of sugary drinks, women who consumed more than two servings per day of had a 2.2-fold higher risk for early-onset colon

Noncompliance with colonoscopy increases risk

Patients who did not have a colonoscopy as recommended after a positive fecal occult blood test had a 103% higher risk of death, compared with those who had a colonoscopy. The cumulative mortality for CRC was 6.8 per 1,000 (95% CI, 5.9-7.6) for compliant patients and 16 per 1,000 (95% CI, 13.1-18.9) for noncompliant patients

Depression with GI symptoms may mean IBD

It has long been recognized that depression can lead to GI symptoms. But do all GI symptoms in the setting of depression mean only depression? A recent study by Jonathan Blackwell et al at St George’s University of London found that depression, in the absence of prior GI symptoms, is not associated with subsequent development

Excerpts from a chat on colon cancer

Seth (Chicago) – 12:47 PM:Are there any downsides to screening? Can it do more harm than good in any instances? Dr. Manoj Mehta Any screening test is only worth its trade-offs. That’s why we select the patients, and do not just do it on everyone. We call the threshold a “pre-test probability”. So, if you

Excerpts from a chat on colon cancer

Jose (Chicago, Illinois) – 12:40 PM:Is surgery the only way to cure colon cancer? Dr. Manoj Mehta Well, the transition from polyp to cancer is a gradual one, so we do sometimes see what we call “cancerous polyps”. They are on the edge between a polyp and an invasive cancer. By removing these polyps, we

Excerpts from a chat on colon cancer

Jim (Buffalo Grove, IL) – 12:44 PM:You mention a virtual colonoscopy. How does this procedure work and is it a viable option to the traditional colonoscopy? Dr. Manoj Mehta A traditional colonoscopy has the ability to not just identify polyps but remove them. So they are not really equivalent. A virtual colonoscopy is more like

Excerpts from a chat on colon cancer

James (Morton Grove, IL) – 12:30 PM:I have family history of polyps but no colon cancer. My family has had several other types of cancer (brain, breast, non-smokers lung). Does this put me in the high-risk category? Dr. Manoj MehtaYes. There are some cancer-family syndromes to be aware of. Breast cancer is fairly common, and

Thoughts on how IBD emerges in developing countries

It has long been noted that rates of IBD increase as nations develop. What drives this increase in “developing” nations, and what factors keep inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) rates high in the West? Gilaad G. Kaplan, MD, of the Department of Medicine, University of Calgary, discusses the epidemiological stages of IBD and reviews how disease

Excerpts from a chat on colon cancer

Dan (Arlington Heights) – 12:26 PM:Thank you for your response. Could you elaborate on what is involved with the preparation? Dr. Manoj Mehta Unfortunately, any bowel exam will require a prep. Even newer modalities on the horizon such as a virtual colonoscopy will still require a prep. The quality of your prep is proportional to