FDA issues guidance on gluten labeling for drugs

The FDA released draft recommendations for including gluten content on labels for oral drug products, saying the goal is to reduce uncertainty among health care practitioners and patients. Most oral medications contain very little or no gluten, the agency said. See the review on Healio (free registration)

Fatty liver may predict polyp risk

A fatty liver index of 30 or greater was tied to a greater risk of colorectal adenoma, and high-index patients had more adenomas and more advanced adenomas than those with a low-index, according to a study in the Diseases of the Colon & Rectum. “The high fatty liver index may be a useful predictor of

Product protects gut from antibiotics

A new study shows a product based on activated charcoal protects the gut microbiome in patients taking antibiotics. The Phase I clinical trial showed promising results. The study reported in the Journal of Infectious Diseases compared DAV132, with a placebo. “DAV132 was highly effective to protect the gut microbiome of moxafloxacin-treated healthy volunteers and may