Angie is our office manager and your main billing contact.

“I started working for Dr. Mehta in 2011 as his receptionist. I have enjoyed helping patients in different aspects of their care; from appointments, to preparations and instructions, and on up to insurance claim inquiries. In general I enjoy helping resolve concerns and making your visit a positive experience.

“As your insurance and billing specialist, I am here to assist you through explaining and facilitating your insurance benefits for you. I will assist in the processing of medical claims. It is my pleasure to work with you on the financial aspects of your medical needs. The least of your concern should be insurance.

“Dr. Mehta is  an excellent physician to work for, very knowledgeable, kind, and a great mentor. He makes sure to meet every patients needs and concerns. Our staff is also very warm and inviting. I appreciate how positive our environment is here. We all work extremely well together to provide the best service for you.”

Angie’s extension is 102.