Angie is our Billing Manager and your main billing contact.

Angie has worked for Dr. Mehta since 2011, and truly loves this practice. “Dr. Mehta is an excellent physician to work for, he is knowledgeable, kind, a great mentor, and friend. He works hard to meet every patients needs and concerns.” She appreciates the positive environment here and being able to work together to provide our patients the best service. The medical field is always changing and technology growing, practices and insurance coverage change quickly, so she keeps informed so we can better serve our patients.

During her years at our practice she’s had the opportunity to specialize in areas she’s enjoyed, gaining valuable experience and helping patients in different ways. She started as a receptionist setting up procedure appointments, scheduling appointments, and helping with preparation and instructions. She then became a billing specialist, explaining and facilitating your insurance benefits for our patients. She always felt the least of a patient’s concerns should be insurance. She moved on to a managing assistant, more day to day operations, helping resolve specific concerns and making patient visits a positive experience, and for many years managed the entire practice. She is currently focusing exclusively on your billing needs.

Angie’s extension is 102. Her email is